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Sunshine Barossa Australia

Plaited Leather Belts

Plaited Leather Belts

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Plaited Leather Belt

/pleyt ed leth-er belt/


1.  a hand plaited band of leather encircling the waist for fashion or practicality.


This unisex belt has been individually hand plaited to create a stunning fashion accessory that teams perfectly with jeans. This strong leather used creates a belt that you will have for a very long time. An antique brass buckle is a feature in itself and the Sunshine Barossa Australia Logo stamped on the very end of the belt will make everyone wish they had one. The 3 sizes available, S-M & L gives everyone a choice as to what clothes it can be teamed up with.

It's a modern yet classical belt all in one because of the different coloured leathers used. These match other Sunshine Barossa Australia ranges making any outfit perfectly accessorised.



Solid Brushed Antique Brass buckle 

Strong durable leather plaited to create a classic belt

Sunshine Barossa Australia logo stamped on the end of the belt for an attractive feature


The leather part of the belt at the Buckle 4cm wide then plaited part is 3.25-3.5cm wide

Small - average belt leather length 106.5cm + or -

Medium - average belt leather length 125.5cm + or - 

Large - average belt leather length 135.5cm + or -

Antique Brass Buckle 5.5 cm h x 5 cm wide


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