Natural Carved Leather Belt
Natural Carved Leather Belt
Natural Carved Leather Belt
Natural Carved Leather Belt
Sunshine Barossa Australia

Natural Carved Leather Belt

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Natural Carved Leather Belt

/nach-er-uhl, kahrvd leth-er belt/


1.  a natural in colour, hand-carved band of leather encircling the waist for fashion or practicality.


This belt has been hand-carved to create a stunning fashion accessory that teams perfectly with jeans or a dress. This stunning natural, strong wide strip of leather used creates a belt that you will have for a very long time. A stunning strong silver buckle is a feature in itself and the Sunshine Barossa Australia Logo stamped inside of the belt will make everyone wish they had one. 

It's a modern take on the classic retro feel all in one because of the stunning carving and the coloured leather used. Matching the other carved natural products in the Sunshine Barossa Australia range makes any outfit perfectly accessorised.



Strong silver metal buckle 5.5cm x 4.8cm 

Strong durable leather hand-carved creating a retro / classic belt

Sunshine Barossa Australia logo stamped inside by buckle


 3.7cm wide leather and your desired length in small, medium or large.

Strong silver metal buckle 5.5cm x 4.8cm 



  • There are a few things to remember about leather products. As leather is a precious material that comes from an animal, each hide will vary in the finish.
  • The vegetable tanned leather and semi-vegetable tanned leather is washed which exposes the natural grain and variation in each hide. We don't cut around these minor imperfections; we love them and often use some of the imperfections to create the uniqueness of your bag.
  • All leather has scars from the animals' life journeys, as do we humans, and this makes every hide we use unique.
  • With time and wear, leather becomes even more beautiful and will quite often mould to your body shape when worn a lot. 
  • To maintain the beauty of your handcrafted leather goods, we recommend rubbing in with a soft cloth before use and every couple of months the 'Sunshine Barossa Australia Bees Wax Leather Conditioner' to treat the product, help stop the leather drying out, staining and just keeping it looking wonderful to increase your products life span.
  • If the leather is a lighter shade of colour, spray a leather protective product on the outside, and inside if the bag is not lined which will add extra protection against colours transferring on you nude leathers (eg.denim)
  • Do not put leather pieces on the ground or rub against abrasive surfaces.
  • Be aware that some colours may transfer onto clothing. This can't be helped with the dying process of each hide.

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