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Sunshine Barossa Australia

Leather Apron

Leather Apron

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 Leather Apron

/ leth-er ey-pruhn


1. a garment made of leather covering the front of the body and tied at the waist, for protecting one's clothing.

After crafting many custom leather aprons for blacksmiths, jewellers, knife makers and chefs I have designed the perfect style that is in my range now permanently. 

Mostly made from buffalo hides which is a perfect all rounder. One style ideal for blacksmiths, any workshop needs using hot implements and robust tools and another, still ideal for tool work yet not as heavy,  so also ideal for barbering, hairdressing, hospitality, chefs, home barbecuing or jewellers with finer work and smaller tools. There is a pen holder in the top pocket and will of course last a very long time and will look even better with age, a few stains and experience as we all do. 

The strap formation will fit the largest of any body shape with ease and be adjusted to the more petite shape quite well which I have found very necessary in any line of work.

I personally wear one of these and admire its beauty daily with all its now scratches and experienced look. Of course, I could remove all this with my beeswax leather conditioner but love the character it has created, which is why I love working with leather. 

The quality of these products has a very distinct Sunshine Barossa Australia feel. The name has become well known for its quality and craftsmanship.

*Note- these products look amazing personally engraved with a name for yourself,  loved ones or co-worker. Pricing can be found if you search "Personalised Laser Engraving" and follow the instructions of how to navigate this awesome add on service.

**Note - For pricing for Business Branding this product email Carol at for a quote. Minimum quantities apply. 


Antique Brass metal fittings

Buffalo Hide Apron -

Clip-on 3cm wide adjustable shoulder straps with an antique brass ring on the back centre

1.5m wide long waist strap 

Other Leather Apron -

2.25- 2.5cm adjustable shoulder strap with antique brass press stud fasteners and ring on the back centre

.7cm wide long waist strap to tie behind your back 


Buffalo Leather apron - bib part of the apron is 29cm wide (top)

Buffalo Leather apron - body part of the apron is 68-69cm wide

Buffalo Leather apron - Length 82.5cm

Other Leather aprons - Length 77-78cm 

Other Leather aprons - body part wide 62ishcm 

Other Leather aprons - bib part 27-37cm wide

Disclosure for all leather products:

Here at Sunshine Barossa Australia, we seek to celebrate what nature has created. Please remember when purchasing this Sunshine Barossa product that your piece is made from natural hide and there may be slight differences between the product pictured and the product you receive as no two natural hides are the same. There may be slight variations in appearance, colour, tone, markings and pattern. There may also be small lines (scars) or other markings on a natural hide. These variations are not faults or defects, they are a part of the unique charm of a natural hide product.



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