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Sunshine Barossa Australia

Leather Knife Roll

Leather Knife Roll

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Knife Roll

/leth-er nahyf rohl/


1. a leather holder to store your favourite knives and your sharpener that wraps and protects.

Sunshine Barossa Australia's owner, Carol Dadds, and South Auistralia's well-known businesspeople, Elli Beer from Maggie Beers Farm Shop/The Farm Eatery and Barry from Gardner Knives/Seppeltsfield and Richard from Dogboy Knives collaborated these stunning handcrafted leather knife rolls together to cater for their customer's favourite knives and sharpener in a safe way for transport. Over time it has evolved to improve and each version becomes a better accessory that is much needed if you are a lover of good knives. The flap covering the knives is left with the raw edge of the leather exposed providing us with its natural beauty so they are all unique. 

There are 2 different types of leathers used.

Style 1 - One a buffalo leather which is a bit stiffer for protection and will soften with age and the other random vintage style leathers with their natural unique beauty.   

Style 2 - is made of both leathers. Knife slots strong leather to protect your blades and the rest is softer vintage style leathers, perfect for rolling and covering your knives. 


High-quality vintage unique leathers used for the crafting of these knife rolls

Buffalo leathers used for more protection in some styles. 

assorted leather colours

antique brass fittings

different-sized knife sleeves for the safe transport of your favourite knives


Style 1 - 33cm width x 42cm height when open with flap over knives

knife sleeves from left approximately -

4cm, 6.25cm, 6.25cm, 7.5cm, 9cm x 16.5cm height

Style 2 - 40cm width x 42cm height when open with flap over knives

knife sleeves from left approximately -

5cm, 5.5cm, 6cm, 7cm, 8cm x 18cm height

5.5cm extra piece on left to help roll better

(no one knife roll be exactly the same)  


Perfect for professional chefs, culinary students and any person that loves looking after and protecting their knives.

There are two different sized stunning handcrafted in the Barossa Valley, high-quality leather knife rolls. One with five pockets for both big and small knives and a sharpener and another with three pockets. The vintage look is what attracts it's to be owners which are created not only with the stunning leathers used but with its antique brass or copper metal fittings.

It can then be rolled up for further protection and held together with two leather straps securely and carried in your hand for a safe transporting of your knives.

They have been a very popular item used in Tasting Australia for gifting to international chefs.

For corporate clients, a co-branded Knife Roll is a unique way to present to your valuable customers with a long-term reminder of your generosity or to sell in your retail outlet. I can offer co-branding and wholesale pricing (minimum order quantities apply). Please email to discuss your needs with me.

*Note- these products look amazing personally engraved with a message or a name for your loved ones or co-worker. Pricing can be found if you search "Personalised Laser Engraving" and follow the instructions of how to navigate this awesome add on service.

**Note -We suggest that you use a plastic knife blade cover on your knives before you slide them into the leather knife Roll so it won't nick the leather so you can pass this beauty down to your kids. 

***Note- The Tan and browns in stock will always vary from pictures as I use one off leathers. If you would like a photo of the one in stock just contact me and I will forward to you. 


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Customer Testimonials

Based on 1 review Write a review