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Sunshine Barossa Australia

Dog Leash

Dog Leash

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Dog Leash

/ dawg leesh /


1. a long leather strap with handle used for controlling or leading a dog or other animals by attaching to a collar.  


Introducing Our Dog Leash Collection – a perfect blend of style, toughness, and craftsmanship tailored to meet all your furry friend’s needs. Choose between the classic Black, the earthy charm of Rustic Brown, or the refreshing tone of tan. All adorned with beautiful antique brass hardware.


We take quality super seriously when it comes to our leather dog leashes. All a wide sturdy strap with handle for comfort and ease. So you can bet on finding the perfect match for your four-legged buddy.


Elevate your pet’s style game by matching these leashes with our leather collars. This combo is not just stylish, it’s bound to grab attention during every walk. These leashes are built for the long haul, so they’re not just a passing fashion trend. Think of them as an investment in your pet’s comfort and your peace of mind.


We’ve crafted these beauties from top-notch saddlery leather, making sure they stand the test of time. While providing initial firm support, these leashes maintain their sturdiness without compromising your dog’s comfort. So, whether it’s a laid-back stroll or an epic outdoor adventure, these collars are up for the task.



Crafted with strong Saddlery Leathers

Metal Antique Brass fittings 


 3cm wide x whole leather part 140-143 cm long 

handle - 42cm inside 

Clip 8cm long 

Disclosure for all leather products:

Here at Sunshine Barossa Australia, we seek to celebrate what nature has created. Please remember when purchasing this Sunshine Barossa product that your piece is made from natural hide and there may be slight differences between the product pictured and the product you receive as no two natural hides are the same. There may be slight variations in appearance, colour, tone, markings and pattern. There may also be small lines (scars) or other markings on a natural hide. These variations are not faults or defects, they are a part of the unique charm of a natural hide product.


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