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Sunshine Barossa Australia

Dog Harness

Dog Harness

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Dog Harness

/ dawg hahr-nis/


1. the combination of leather straps and buckles which wraps around the frame of your dog for control and to attach a lead to. 


Introducing Our Dog Harness Collection - a blend of style, strength, and sophistication designed to cater to your pup’s every need. Choose between the classic appeal of Black or the earthy charm of Rustic Brown, both beautifully accented with antique brass hardware. Our harnesses, crafted with the finest saddlery leather and inspired by time spent on a horse stud, embody a distinctive mark of top-notch craftmanship.


Expect nothing but the best in quality, with four size options - Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large - to ensure a snug fit for your furry companion. Our adjustable straps make it a breeze to put on and take off, and to top it off, we’ve added a convenient handle for those moments when you need extra control or to lift into the car just like a suit case....

*NOTE- our fur baby 'Boss' the bull dog is wearing the size large. 

Complete the look with our matching leashes, creating a harmonious ensemble that will turn heads on every walk. Unlike fleeting fashion trends, our harnesses are crafted for longevity, making them an investment in your pet’s comfort and your peace of mind. While initially firm for superior support, our harnesses soften and mold to your dog’s shape with every use, ensuring hours of comfort on all your adventures. Wide straps provide the stability your dog needs without compromising on comfort, making them sturdy for every adventure, whether it’s a casual stroll or an epic outdoor expedition.






Crafted from strong Saddlery leathers

Metal Antique Brass fittings 


Please measure your dog as per the picture of the harness above on our dog ‘Boss’ - 

#Small Harness -

back strap adjustable from smallest 34cm -61cm 

Front strap adjustable from smallest 28cm -44cm 

stomach piece length 23cm & top piece length 13cm 

#Medium Harness -

back strap adjustable from smallest 52cm -82cm 

Front strap adjustable from smallest 38cm -59cm 

stomach piece length 27cm & top piece length 15cm 

#Large Harness -

back strap adjustable from smallest 55cm -84cm 

Front strap adjustable from smallest 40cm -60cm 

stomach piece length 32cm & top piece length 20cm

#Extra Large Harness -

back strap adjustable from smallest 65cm -110cm 

Front strap adjustable from smallest 53cm -82cm 

stomach piece length 34cm & top piece length 22cm 

Disclosure for all leather products:

Here at Sunshine Barossa Australia, we seek to celebrate what nature has created. Please remember when purchasing this Sunshine Barossa product that your piece is made from natural hide and there may be slight differences between the product pictured and the product you receive as no two natural hides are the same. There may be slight variations in appearance, colour, tone, markings and pattern. There may also be small lines (scars) or other markings on a natural hide. These variations are not faults or defects, they are a part of the unique charm of a natural hide product.


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