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Small Round Clutch
Small Round Clutch
Small Round Clutch
Small Round Clutch
Small Round Clutch

Small Round Clutch

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Small Round Clutch

/smawl round kluhch/


1. small circular, disk shaped bag/ pouch, for carrying credit cards, money, make-up, phone, etc worn on the wrist with a leather strap.


These amazingly stunning handcrafted leather and hide petite round clutches are a 'must have' fashion accessory to hang off your wrist to make your friends jealous....The soft to touch fur cowhide feels beautiful with the soft leather we use. They have nearly all sold before I can get them on the website so be quick!



15cm Diameter across front and back of clutch

29.5cm long metal antique brass zippered opening with a matching plaited zipper pull.  

13mm wide x 33cm long leather detatchable wrist strap

Fully lined with suede like material.

 4 x card slots

10.5cm open internal pocket


15cm Diameter x 2cm depth

Disclosure for all leather products:

Here at Sunshine Barossa Australia, we seek to celebrate what nature has created. Please remember when purchasing this Sunshine Barossa product that your piece is made from natural hide and there may be slight differences between the product pictured and the product you receive as no two natural hides are the same. There may be slight variations in appearance, colour, tone, markings and pattern. There may also be small lines (scars) or other markings on a natural hide. These variations are not faults or defects, they are a part of the unique charm of a natural hide product.